Polar Vortex be gone! At long last, the end of this terrible winter of discontent is nearing. We can say with some degree of confidence that the light at the end of tunnel is not an oncoming locomotive.

Today is very likely to be the pivot day marking the end of this endless season. With temperatures in New York City and its environs in the teens, warmer, sunnier days await. Tomorrow we move into the 40s, the weekend will even see the 50s. Cheer as March ends with higher average temperatures than it began with. Celebrate the Crokus pushing up through the frozen ground. A full run of blossoms begin to tentatively show their selves in April, after hiding for the entire season below ground.

Rejoice SAD sufferers – Seasonal Affective Disorder – the clocks will mercifully get nudged forward, bringing an extra hour of daylight into the darkness of our days.  The spring equinox is merely 10 days after, and for the next 6 months you can enjoy more sunlight than darkness (weather permitting).

track_all-4_800x600Hibernation has never looked as good as it did this year. Perhaps the market’s ongoing rally is a testament to the evolutionary intelligence of market’s bears. The ursine crowd have simply disappeared, but do not be fooled.

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10 Responses to “Rejoice, For Spring Has Sprung! At Last, the End of Winter is Upon Us”

  1. flocktard says:

    Damn, Barry’s got big feet!

  2. @jporter says:

    Do I hear shades of Chauncey Gardiner?

    • In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.

      • intlacct says:

        What a great film – Being There. Really, it’s what we are presented with, provided reversion to the mean occurs, in the markets. And, long-term, by definition, it does. So the US trees still stand, but we take the harvest, sell it and buy and plant seeds in more promising sections of the garden. Hence our pruning of US and other out performers at harvest time. Hence our seeding of gold and commodities and emerging markets and various less compelling alternative value plays.

  3. tippet523 says:


    I am so sick of the weather adjustments. How about Florida which has had a perfect winter. Ditto Arizona and California. The Ski areas in Colorado, Utah and Montana have had the best snow in 30 years. Why don’t they ever mention that in economic reports.

    ME? I am sick of the winter in Chicago. Die Winter Die.

    Hoping to golf by tax day


  4. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Yup. it’s an Act of God that hobbles our economy. Spring will save us. Apparently, nothing trickles down when it’s freezing outside.

    • rd says:

      When there is snow on the ground, you can see the visible evidence that nothing trickled down, unlike the rest of the year. Extend and pretend only works when there isn’t snow on the ground. Its not an accident that the end of the 2007-2009 bear occurred in March.

  5. TDHawk says:


  6. BoKolis says:

    This year’s shipment of Panama Jack has arrived and I am ready to bake- wherever I have to go to do it. Goodbye Polar Vortex, hello El Niño!

    So, when we book winter vacations in sunny climes, to the numbers cookers blame that on the weather as well?