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11 Responses to “Sorry Banks, Millennials Hate You”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    “…three-quarters said they would be more excited in financial services provided by Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Square than from their own banks….”

    Interesting that Microsoft is not mentioned in that group. I wonder if this (Microsoft killed my Pappy, tells the reason?

  2. scecman says:

    Oh No! What will I do without Chase? My life without BOA wont be worth living? Wells Fargo completes me! Damn you disrupters!

  3. farmera1 says:

    Certainly no millennial here, I’m like a millennial plus 50, can I hate banks too. Or am I excluded because of my age. I probably have a lower opinion of banks than that reflected in this survey. Although I suspect companies like Google, Facebook etc would do just as good a job of abusing power as the banks did or do. And when these new companies get (or maybe they already have) to the systemically critical rung on the ladder, after all they are now critical to national security by keeping track of we little folks, they too would be bailed out by we little folk.

  4. Grunschev says:

    Obviously, you don’t need to be a millennial to dislike banks. I’ve been disliking banks for most of my adult life. I’ve been a credit union member since the late 80′s. I suppose I’d deal with a community bank if I couldn’t be in a CU, but I don’t see myself having any kind of business relationship with a big bank.

  5. stonedwino says:

    Millennials = Fuch The Status Quo.

    I Love it man…

  6. Slash says:

    It’s not just them. Everybody else hates the banks, too. And the phone companies. And the cable companies. And the electric companies. And the airlines.

    What do all of those have in common?

  7. mathdock says:

    Excellent, Slash, and I also like your guitar work with Guns ‘n Roses….oh wait…they stopped. Who do you play for now?

  8. Chris Lee says:

    Money causes poverty. Let’s try something else.

  9. Rogue Gnome says:

    In the early 70s Townsend wrote ‘Up the Organization’ with alphabetical chapters, the “B” was for bank, it was one page stating “Banks hire from the bottom of the barrel and they get what they pay for…”

    Two decades and generations later … someone finally gets it!
    The great misconception is Congress and the public believing banks have anything to do with or have in common with ‘economics’ and the economy….our failure to understand that Jesus threw these nefarious smucks out of the temple a couple thousand years ago should have been a red flag to their obstructionism…

    Today we suffer with the Right Wing believing that austerity will make things better…its like charlatans bleeding the patient who has a mortal wound….
    The U.S.’s problem today is a liquidity crisis!
    The US is and has always been a demand-side economy and cutting off the cash flow to the consumer is what is causing the crisis we now live in….I just want to take the old Clinton slogan about ‘its the economy stupid’ and update to state “ITS THE MULTIPLIER STUPID”….if you stop throwing the pebbles into the quiet pool, obviously there’s no more ripples and certainly no more ways…

    Wake up bunkies—-loosen the cash and get things moving again!!!….fly helicopters full of bales of cash, kick em out the door to the unwashed masses and you’ll see how fast this system will work….it doesn’t take a Chicago School PhD to figure that one out!!…duh!
    Rogue Gnome

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