, the world’s largest dating site, has released its annual Singles in America survey.’s Helen Fisher and Justin Garcia discuss what over 5,000 singles have to say about the state of love and sex in America today.

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One Response to “State of Love and Sex in Single America”

  1. BoKolis says:

    Those who turn an NSA or FWB situation into a relationship don’t understand the application what finance folks know all too well: NEVER turn a trade into an investment.

    Of course, this is about the young’uns, or the benefit/recoil of the 45-60 set, who are removed from that arena. Because is more interested in telling you what you want to find than finding you what you want, they didn’t ask Bokolis. I’d’ve told them…

    It is very easy to (mis)underestimate how lonely, attention-starved (and horned up) women are. If they want it, they move fast, and often turn what used to be the one-night stand into the hit-it-for-a-week-and-a-half-and-quit-it volcano romance (or less, if the guy knows how to get rid of them). Coincidentally, or not, women (increasingly so for women born in or after, let’s put it at 1986) are as hopped up on porn as men.

    Many- if not most- are relationship-averse as guys. It’s no coincidence that they’ve also become similarly narcissistic.

    Like Broadway Joe might have said, I don’t like to date so much as I just like to kind of, you know, run into somethin’, man. For that matter, Seinfeld said that 90% of the population is undateable, and he likely sandbagged. If you must date, and a woman checks the phone on a date- which is most of them, fyi- never mind the personal affront, she is either way too flighty or has way too much bullspit going on in her life; the only reason not to run is to gain the experience of dealing with them.