Nice pair of graphics from this column today, titled Traders Beat Market Indexes Borrowing Tools From Sports.

“Coaching, which decades ago migrated from the playing field to the executive suite, has been slow to penetrate high finance. That’s beginning to change as traders and fund managers scramble for any edge they can find following five years in which many actively managed funds failed to beat broad market indexes. While many money-management firms refuse to discuss whether they use coaches, some confirm they have…”

Can blood doping be far behind?

Classic errors coaching tries to fix


Process over Outcome

Source: Bloomberg

Category: Markets

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2 Responses to “Traders Adapt Performance Tools from Sports”

  1. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    “Traders Adapt Performance Tools from Soorts”

    That’s exactly how the Moops took over Spain.

  2. pielou says:

    only one missing metric, is it based on a micro second or on a decade?