The Fed
Hawkish? Hardly!

Spelled with an “i”

Where would any FOMC meeting be without a limerick?

My own contribution to the FOMC noise

Reasons to sell since March 2009

Spot what’s wrong with this chart

Everytime I see as pundit on TV screaming inflation, all I can think is Blow Hard!

To buy a house, you have to work how long?

Data without Theory

Random Stuff
Now THAT’S a Selfie

And this selfie ain’t bad either – I will be swinging by the photographer of this selfie this afternoon from 3-4 to talk Taper & Market Tops

Newly discovered Dinosaur is called Chicken from Hell

Best. Coffee cup. Ever.

It goes to 11

Gorgeous wallpaper

Best Bumper Sticker in JPL Parking Lot

A living refutation of Descartes

Lastly, from the kid who snuck to the top of the WTC tower

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5 Responses to “Tweets of the Week. 3.22.14”

  1. VennData says:

    Trish Regan hits it out of the park.

    Also, her “Vegas Whale” is great television.

  2. Bill in SF says:

    1) Selfie Cred:
    Is the selfie credited to the device owner or the button-pusher?

    2) Funkier Descartes Braketology:
    “I stink; therefore I am.”
    ($1bn poorer than last week’s dream)

  3. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    > Best. Coffee cup. Ever.

    The idea for that coffee cup was taken from an episode (circa 2004?) of the TV series Still Standing.

  4. Iamthe50percent says:

    A Chart comparing S&P 500 2014 to S&P 500 2014 with different curves. ????? What am I missing? Possibly a caption error?