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7 Responses to “What Is a Hedge Fund?”

  1. leveragedalpha1 says:

    I would propose that a hedge fund is more defined by its structure and fee schedule than anything else — a structure which primary benefits the fund manager instead of the investor. Diversification, risk management and opportunities for asset growth are all available in lower fee and more transparent products.

  2. DeDude says:

    The “Who Benefits” seem to presume that the hedge funds actually outperform index funds after all expenses and 2/20 etc are accounted. That is now heck of a presumption in face of facts. For most hedge funds the scam artist in charge is the only person who benefit. Investors are taking a high risk bet that they more often than not end up losing.

  3. DeL-

    no Kidding, right?

    “Who Benefits?”, indeed..

    All 3 of those, alleged, ‘Beneficiary Groups’ had their faces ripped off during the Great Shakedown (~’008)..

    but, at the EOD why let let some Fact stand in the way of quality Agitprop?

  4. JEHR says:

    It is called making money from money and is the bane of our present existence.

  5. farmera1 says:

    What is a hedge fund?

    It is a great financial device for separating fools from their money in huge 2/20 buckets.

  6. rd says:

    Hard to believe that 10,000 of them are going to do much better than average.

  7. This should never have been published.

    Actual facts which anyone with an interest in the truth can readily verify:
    (1) Most hedge funds are not long/short funds.
    (2) Most hedge funds do not outperform the markets. However, the fund managers frequently do outperform their “investors”.