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12 Responses to “Your Broccoli Is Way Too Thirsty”

  1. hankest says:

    I hate “science” graphics like these, meaning ones that change variables (in this case the mass of vegatable). It just leads to more confusion – people are going to glance at that and think grapes need less water than brocolli. Which is nonsense.

    One head of broccoli is about 0.5lbs, while one grape is about 0.005 lbs.

    So to get a half pound of brocolli it apparently takes 5.4 gallons of water. For a half pound of grapes it takes 30 gallons of water.

    Your brocolli may be thirsty, but not nearly as thirsty as your grape.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    A pretty useless comparison of the relative amounts of water consumed by the various crops.

    Yeah, a pistachio consumes 0.75 gallons of water vs.3.5 for a tomato. But what’s the relevance of that comparison, besides the pretty chart

    They might as well compare the water usage of almonds vs the water usage per window of window cleaning in skyscrapers….

  3. rd says:

    Re: Sustainability and Corprote Profits

    It appears that NCPPR is firmly behind the policy of privatizing profits and socializing costs. Tim Cook appears to disagree with this.

  4. supercorm says:

    I think we should look at this one on water needed to produce, lets say, 1 kg of the product.

    Although I like a good steak, we’d be surprise to see how much water you need to produce 1 kg of steak vs 1 kg of broccoli !

  5. catclub says:

    I would judge the walnut as too thirsty. In terms of nutrition and/or cost. 1 tomato and 1 head of lettuce are about the same. The bunch of broccoli is possibly a little better.
    But wouldn’t it be more like 10-20 walnuts?

  6. RetiredinSoBe says:

    1 lb of beef 1,799 gallons of water
    1 lb of pork 576 gallons of water
    1 lb of chicken 468 gallons of water
    1 gallon of cow’s milk, 880 gallons of water
    For a far more healthy alternative to animal protein:
    1 lb of Soybeans, 216 gallons of water
    (and without the pollution caused by animal waste)

  7. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Re: Animal protein: Depending on how you look at it, fish either use lots and lots of water, or none at all.

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