Some morning reads for your enjoyment:

• The Short Guide to Capital in the 21st Century (Vox)
• Renewables are hot again: Goldman’s Stuart Bernstein says VCs are coming back to clean tech. (WSJ) see also Environmental Defense Fund head says CEOs underestimate the effects of climate change. (WSJ)
• Investor Sentiment and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns (Journal of Finance)
• “The Most Important Charts in the World” (Business Insider)

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7 Responses to “10 MidWeek AM Reads”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    States Most & Least Dependent on the Federal Government (

    “The extent to which the average American’s tax burden would vary based on his state of residence represents a significant point of differentiation between state economies. But it’s only once piece of the puzzle.

    “What if, for example, a particular state can afford not to tax its residents at high rates because it’s receiving disproportionately more funding from the federal government than states with apparently oppressive tax codes? That would change the narrative significantly, revealing federal dependence where bold, efficient stewardship was once thought to preside….”

  2. hue says:

    Remembering Marina Keegan (NYMag)

    Hackers Lurking in Vents and Soda Machines (NYTimes)

    The Reason Twitter Wants to Look Like Facebook: Your Parents (Wired)

  3. VennData says:

    ‘Scared’ Dennis Gartman get out of stocks

    Always listen to Dennis Gartman. Well sure THIS time it really isn’t working out too well, but next time it will. You can be sure. Especially if you’re a fire sign here, in the Year of the Horse.

  4. willid3 says:

    we can continue our freak out here. problem really is that there isnt really any thing an individual can do, since the problem is at the server side. so until the servers all get patched and get new security keys
    then changing your passwords will be of now value as hackers with those security keys can still your info.

    and i still wonder how business will get out of this ditch they dug them selves. its not like they didnt know that they were not exactly being focused on making security important. it was way down on the list of important things to do. but now that millions have users have had their information compromised, how do they figure they will be able to identify any one any more? and will we have to go back to having to go into a local office to do any thing? seems sort of short sighted, but its not exactly one of the high lights of business any more, being short sighted seems to be very much how business operates!

  5. noncist says:

    Thank you, hue!
    You consistently post some great articles.

    Interestingly, I’m getting 404s on all wired articles today – what’s up with that?

  6. thomas hudson says:

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wearing absolutely nothing but the immortal words of America’s founding fathers on the cover of the next issue of Rolling Stone, which hits newsstands this Friday.

    of course she looks great at 53, and it is a bold cover design. the problem is that it has the famous ‘john hancock’ signature at the bottom, and mr. hancock did not sign the constitution. he signed the declaration of independence.