Good Thursday morning:

• S&P 500 notched another record close as Dow fell just short of an all-time high. (WSJ) but see Now There’s a 1987 Chart to Get Worried About (The Tell)
• Construction Is Muted Because Too Many Buildings Went Up During the Boom (Real Time Economics)
• Word to the Wise: Finding Investment Insight Online (Irish Times)
• Box, Microsoft, and the Next Enterprise Platform (stratēchery) see also The Story of Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri Killer (The Verge)

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9 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Exclusive: NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought – study (

    “(Reuters) – Security industry pioneer RSA adopted not just one but two encryption tools developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, greatly increasing the spy agency’s ability to eavesdrop on some Internet communications, according to a team of academic researchers….”

  2. hue says:

    Computers Can Read Emotions Better Than You Can (Motherboard)

    The Myth of Working Your Way Through College (The Atlantic)

    8 hours of airliners departing from Los Angeles in one single photo (Sploid)

  3. constantnormal says:

    Medicare to Release Doctor Payments for the First Time (Bloomberg)

    … the easiest way to reduce the amount of fraud and waste in the health care system — shine the light of transparency upon it …

  4. VennData says:

    Another lunatic government employee Goes Fort Hood.

    The fact that another military facility of gun toting experts couldn’t protect themselves from another gun-toting expert makes me wonder if the NRA is right that more guns are better. I am sure they must be because I do not listen to the media outlets the NRA doesn’t want me to listen to.,

    I lay this at the feet of Obama and his lies about his so-called Health Care Takeover

  5. willid3 says:

    i wonder if the reason that new private construction of buildings is muted is because business doesnt need more space for employees? after all, if you cut the number of workers at your company, why build more office space? about the only reason i could see for ‘new’ buildings, is smaller and cheaper ones. but i doubt any body is looking at that, since companies dont want to high light that sort of PR

  6. rj chicago says:

    Kust pulled down this list from the AIA Chicago website for job openings.
    Couple of things –
    a) These guys frontrun future construction projects – so there is either a complete disconnect between demand for design or these guys are on to something that we don’t see yet.
    b) This same list say 2 to 3 years ago had at best 5 listings for the entire MONTH!!! Sometimes the listings would not get updated for 2 or 3 months at a time. Something is going on here folks.
    Just sayin.

    Office Director Downers Grove 4/3/2014
    Sr. Structural Engineer Chicago, Illinois 4/3/2014
    Architect Lake Forest 4/2/2014
    Project Architect Chicago 4/1/2014
    Project Architect Skokie 4/1/2014
    Project Architect/Manager Chicago 4/1/2014
    Architect Intern – 1-5 years experience Chicago 3/31/2014
    MARKETING COORDINATOR Chicago 3/31/2014
    Architect – Commercial (9-15) Chicago 3/28/2014
    Intern Architect Chicago 3/28/2014
    Architectural Graduate / Intern Chicago 3/25/2014
    Architectural Associate Chicago 3/24/2014
    Architectural Designer Chicago 3/24/2014
    Director of Interior Design Chicago 3/24/2014
    Interior Designer/Interior Architect Champaign 3/24/2014
    Project Architect Chicago 3/24/2014
    Associate Director – West Zone San Francisco 3/20/2014
    Deputy Campus Architect San Francisco 3/20/2014
    Director of Capital Projects San Francisco 3/20/2014
    Senior Technical Architect/Project Manager Chicago 3/20/2014
    Architect/Project Manager Chicago 3/18/2014
    Building Segment Manager, Marketing/Business Development Chicago 3/18/2014
    Project Architect – 3 to 5 years Chicago 3/18/2014
    Project Architect – 7 to 9 years Chicago 3/18/2014
    Architect – 3+ years of Experience Chicago 3/17/2014
    Commercial Interior Designer Chicago 3/14/2014
    Intern Architect Chicago 3/14/2014
    Project Manager – Higher Education Chicago 3/13/2014
    Municipal Interior Designer Oak Brook 3/11/2014
    Project Architect Chicago 3/11/2014
    Project Architect / Project Manager Chicago 3/11/2014
    Architect Chicago 3/10/2014
    Sr. Project Manager Chicago 3/10/2014
    Architect / Project Manager Chicago 3/7/2014
    Architect/Interior Designer Chicago 3/7/2014
    Architect/Interior Designer Chicago 3/7/2014
    Project Architect/Project Manager Chicago – Northwest Suburbs 3/7/2014
    CAD Specialist Chicago 3/6/2014
    Lead Architectural Specifier Milwaukee or Madison 3/6/2014
    Architect – Interior Group Chicago 3/5/2014
    Lead Architect Northfield 3/5/2014
    Project Architect Chicago 3/5/2014

  7. farmera1 says:

    Congratulations, BR you received high praise (with a little bit of take down) from the IRISH TIMES.

    Not familiar with the IRISH TIMES but it does hand out some praise;

    “The granddaddy of market bloggers, money manager Barry Ritholtz, started his Big Picture blog way back in 2003. More than 25,000 posts later, he remains the best in the business. Ritholtz has a nose for smelling the manure that all too often passes for fact, delivering opinionated but evidence-based analysis.”

    Couldn’t help but notice the April 1 date but I’m sure it is just coincidence.