You have to read something. You should read these things:

• Bull vs. Bear debate: Is pullback over? (USA Today)
• Busting The Stock Picker’s Market Myth (Rick Ferri) see also Longer term, the case for small caps. (WSJ)
• 9.1 Million U.S. Homes Still ‘Underwater’, Down 26 Percent (World Property Channel)
• The Potential Bubble the Federal Reserve Cares Most About (FiveThirtyEight)
• Here’s The Only Way To Get Really, Really Rich (Business Insider) see also Does inflation make you poorer? (Noahpinion)
• Is the U.S. losing the tech race? (LA Times)
• The new study about oligarchy that’s blowing up the Internet, explained (Vox)
• America’s Less Religious: Study Puts Some Blame On The Internet (NPR) but see Big Bang a big question for most Americans (AP)
• Hey pot smokers, check out these 24 mind-blowing facts about weed production (Mother Jones)
• The iPad Is a Tease (Monday Note) see also Beats Bites the Bullet, and Starts Selling Subscriptions From Apple’s App (Re/Code)

What are you reading?


U.S. Corporate Bond Issuance

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6 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Man with portable radio receiver and phonograph, circa 19341 (photo at

    Washington, D.C., 1931.

  2. hue says:

    Two Degrees of Separation: How the world failed on climate change (Vox) Put a fork in us … Vox and Ezra Klein are living up to the hype.

    What American President Learned English as a Second Language? (Rosetta Stone) Was the first language Lou, Swahili, Indonesian or Dutch?

    The Speculum of the Other Brogrammer (Kate Losse) ‘Silicon Valley’ Asks: Is Your Startup Really Making The World Better? (NPR: Fresh Air) Don’t know, but hmm yeah, if I could get you to go ahead and listen Mike Judge.

  3. rd says:

    How much of a risk are wind turbines to birds compared to other manmade bird-killing devices?

    It appears to be not much. I know the three story office building I am in regularly has birds fly into the windows and die.

  4. ilsm says:

    “U.S. science and technology is losing ground to its global competitors because of a nationwide shortage of scientists and engineers, due primarily to the many failures of K-12 education.”

    In fact, too far too many scientists and engineers are tilting at [star wars, rail guns, lasers, stealthy stuuf including 19000 ton destroyers, Marine amphib that can do 50 mph on land, etc] windmills, and the F-35. About $100B a year in war research and development a lot of it to make duds like V-22 work.

    • willid3 says:

      well the problem is that business is short sighted and seemingly only the government actually does any that is long term (with a few exceptions of course). I always wondered why there was this big push for more STEM education, when we can barely provide employment for those that graduate with those degrees. and government (out side defense ) is really only interested in the basic science and research. the idea was that the government would do that and business could take it from there and use it to do more things with. problem is government has cut that funding, and business never took up that, and so advances slow down. and others (countries) have started doing it and are gathering the results and advancing their economies. while we dont. mostly it seems that our elected ‘leaders’ have become to short sighted them selves (after all its easier to campaign on tax cuts than it is to campaign on investing in America. especially now when many dont seem to really support the country , unless its there way, but hay that politics for you!)

    • BottomMiddleClass says:

      Average scientist salary: $76,00
      Average Banker salary: $89,000
      Average ENTRY LEVEL Hedge Fund Analyst Salary: $335,000

      So what career would an exceptionally smart and rational person pick?