A bit of afternoon train reading:

• Herbalife Sure Is Buying a Lot of Stock (Bloomberg View)
• Studying the Rich (Boston Review) see also Debate Club: For and against Piketty’s ‘Capital’ (MarketWatch)
• How Alibaba’s IPO Is Even Helping Its Rivals (Businessweek)
• Pfizer needs more than muscle for Astra (WSJ) see also The Megadeal Makes a Comeback (WSJ)
• Japan’s Tepid Victory Over Deflation (Real Time Economics)
• The Man Pushing CEO Pay to the Stratosphere (Fiscal Times)
• Business Insider Just Moved To An Awesome New Office — Come On In And Meet The Team! (Business Insider) see also Vox is publishing some of its stories and the interviews behind them in parallel (Nieman Journalism Lab)
• Who’s Your Daddy? How to Make It in America (Motley Fool)
• Why teens are rebelling against Facebook (MarketWatch) see also To learn why Facebook’s stock is falling, look at sales (MarketWatch)
• RIAA Claims That It Is ‘Standing Up For’ Older Musicians That It Actually Left To Rot (Techdirt)

What are you reading?


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15 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Found: The lamest anti-Obamacare column of all (thus far)


  2. chartist says:

    Facebook has a chart gap down around $26.50….I think it gets filled.

  3. chartist says:

    I don’t think there’s any question our country is headed towards anarchy….No democracy has lasted 300 years…I won’t live to see it, but my kids may, certainly their kids will. Because of the marginal propensity to consume, it doesn’t make economic sense for the CEO to make all the money….Give it to the workers, they will spend it and help the economy.

  4. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Outbox vs. USPS: How the Post Office Killed Digital Mail

    When Evan and Will got called in to meet with the Postmaster General they were joined by the USPS’s General Counsel and Chief of Digital Strategy. But instead, Evan recounts that US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe “looked at us” and said “we have a misunderstanding. ‘You disrupt my service and we will never work with you.’” Further, “‘You mentioned making the service better for our customers; but the American citizens aren’t our customers—about 400 junk mailers are our customers. Your service hurts our ability to serve those customers.”

    • Iamthe50percent says:

      As a USPS employee, I can vouch that this is indeed Donahoe’s attitude. It is in line with the re-naming of third class mail to “standard” mail. Postal management puts a priority on standard mail to the detriment of first class mail and the chagrin of old-timers. How to destroy a government agency? Put a privatizer at the head.

    • VennData says:

      Oh BS.

  5. Alex says:

    According to Yahoo, which is probably out of date, the float of Herbalife is about 85 million shares, but that includes 17 million shares owned by Icahn. Does anyone know if that is close to accurate? Seems like they might be trying to set Ackman up for a short squeeze.

  6. Arthur Schopenhaeur says:

    Now they are even doing it at the Banks.
    They cut employee’s hours and paid them as little as possible, yet they expected them to dress and act professionally.
    Meanwhile the CEO was pulling in about $2 million a year.
    The board of directors should reduce his income by about a million and pay the tellers more.
    And hey…a single mother teller was cited for not having the right clothing.
    She cried.
    Finally someone felt pity… and took her out to buy some decent clothing.

  7. catman says:

    Bob – Door to door in most of America the postman is the cheapest security service around. Mr. Donahoe has misidentified his revenue base.

  8. Arthur Schopenhaeur says:

    … And what is even more frightening is that more families are falling out of the middle class every single day.
    As a recent CNN article explained, approximately one-third of all U.S. households are living “hand-to-mouth”. In other words, they are constantly living on the edge of financial disaster…
    About one-third of American households live “hand-to-mouth,” meaning that they spend all their paychecks. But what surprised the study authors is that 66% of these families are middle class, with a median income of $41,000. While they don’t have liquid assets, such as savings accounts or mutual fund holdings, they do have homes and retirement accounts, with a median net worth of $41,000.
    “We don’t expect them to be living paycheck to paycheck,” said Greg Kaplan, study co-author and assistant professor of economics at Princeton University.

    “When I was growing up, I lived in a pretty typical middle class neighborhood.
    Everyone had a nice home, a couple of cars and could go on vacation during the summer.
    I don’t remember ever hearing of anyone using food stamps or going to a food bank.
    In fact, I can’t even remember anyone having a parent that was unemployed.
    If someone did leave a job, it was usually quite easy to find another one.”

  9. 873450 says:

    Six years late; Obama’s justice dept & banking regulators determine criminal immunity promotes crime.

    2 Giant Banks, Seen as Immune, Become Targets


    “… prosecutors in Washington and New York have met with regulators about how to criminally punish banks without putting them out of business and damaging the economy …”

    They still haven’t figured out how actually jailing criminals in real prisons will prevent crime and inhibit criminality.

    • WickedGreen says:

      Um, check the political schedule.

      Timing, like with most other things, is everything in elections.

      Don’t get me wrong – given the alternatives, voting for Obama (twice) was the only choice. I’m not here as a basher.

      But don’t fool yourself.

      It’s not about figuring anything out – it’s about November.

    • rd says:

      I was about to post the same link.

      People are replaceable in institutions. That is enshrined in the US constitution where turnover is mandated at the Presidential level. It is people making decisions to commit illegal activites at banks, not the inanimate bank itself (although Scalia and Roberts appear to believe that corporations are sentient beings with feelings). Prosecuting individuals who decide to do illegal things would leave the institutions stronger than before, not weaker. It would also be a serious deterrent to otehr people in the same or other institutions committing the same illegal acts.

  10. VennData says:

    IMF: Russia Is Already In Recession


    CNBC mocks US Press Secretary for saying Russia is a sell


    Zero Hedge: Putin will humiliate Obama because Putin is a great guy


    Yeah those Clive Bunkers out there are real American patriots.

  11. VennData says:

    Twitter’s problem is simple. Try signing up for it! You can’t get their crazy Captcha’s to accept. I’ve sent them five requests to fix it but they just get bounced.


    Where do you go to get help sighing up? At one of Biz Stone’s media appearances?

    These social media sites are no different from teen retailers. I hope you figure that out before blaming Obama for shutting down government, ruining your portfolio, and messing with your health insurance lifetime caps.