24 Books You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life

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5 Responses to “24 Books You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life”

  1. milkman says:

    Awesome..just in time for the beach!!

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  3. mpetrosian says:

    Many of the books on this list are free on iBooks. 420

  4. rd says:

    I am in the middle of Max Hastings “Catastrophe” right now. It is about the hubris of 1914 that led to the folly of WW I. The war was deliberate caused by the classic example of utter incompetence at the highest levels in multiple countries of people who could not comprehend what modern warfare would really look like. As a result, there were lots of people thinking postive thoughts about the outcomes they wanted with little thought of all of the things that could go wrong to prevent their positive outcomes and lead to unspeakable tragedy.

    We just experienced that in world-wide financial markets in 2007-09. I hope we are not repeating it in the Balkans region again with Ukraine as a trigger point.