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2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

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4 Responses to “2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures”

  1. jjsocrates says:

    “Pie chart does not include 454 billionaires who were spread between all remaining countries.”

    That’s a bogus pie chart then. That “other” category only happens to be the SECOND LARGEST piece in the pie – and they LEFT IT OUT?

    What kind of idiot analysts puts that chart together? Oh these other 454 don’t belong in one of the top 12 countries – so we’ll ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. Making the OTHER 12 pieces seem MUCH LARGER than they actually are.

    Who put this chart together? FOX news?

  2. vespo09 says:

    Some interesting stuff in there, but really not a fan of the pie chart. 454 is not a small number…that 28% needs to be in the chart, at least as an “other”.

  3. SecondLook says:

    Gross numbers by country can be a little misleading. For example, Australia has the “least” number of billionaires, but by per capita, it’s second to the United States.Hong Kong numbers aren’t really valid, as it is treating that special region as a distinct country, which is a fiction – if you want to do that, you might as well count New York as separate…

    The really shocking number – or should be, if we weren’t so blase – is the Russian billionaires, who largely came by their wealth via the piracy privatization of the Soviet Union’s tangible assets.

  4. bstrader says:

    I wonder where Steve Jobs would have been on that list…