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4 Responses to “BlackRock’s Fink on long-term growth strategies”

  1. Herman Frank says:

    Ever so true, but words are only words if they are not turned into actions. The sustainability of the US capital market is preserved by checks and balances, win-win outcomes, and the enforcement of present legislation by the various prosecutors.

    Instead, we have HFT, a system in which “the best legislation money can buy” is the norm, and absent prosecution.

    Why, oh why is it that I have become so cynical about beautiful sound bytes?! The flute of the pied piper cannot enchant me (anymore).

  2. [...] made these comments in a letter to the CEOs of the companies in Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, referring to stock buybacks [...]

  3. VennData says:

    LOL, HFT? You’re worried about that?! Listen, If you buy a hundred shares of a hundred dollar a share stock and lose a penny that’s a penny on $10,000, when the floor traders you to take eighths and quarters

    If you really want that penny. Put in a LIMIT order.

  4. VennData says:

    One thing you could do about all that idle cash is get rid of Reagan’s law that allows it.

    Ever since Ronald Reagan who created and rammed through the GOP controlled Congress the Internal Revenue Code Section 531 US corporations have been allowed to keep money made offshore they’ve been hiding $100s of billions just sitting there.

    Just end that law and the taxes are due. Since Obama’s halved the deficit like he said, this would get it to zero like that and then YOUR share of the debt would be cut.

    See voting has consequences for YOU