I don’t know why, but I found this was hypnotic:

Mercedes-AMG Engine Factory – V8 engine

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5 Responses to “Building a Mercedes-AMG Engine”

  1. mpetrosian says:

    Barry! Economists in Cars Getting Coffee! Do it! Also, please tell us what kind of car(s) you own. Don’t be shy if they’re really nice cause you deserve a nice car and no shame if you drive a piece of junk

  2. ckaussner says:

    The Top Gear guys wet themselves every time they test a new AMG model. Three times the power of most sedans and an exhaust note as glorious as the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines from the P-51. Perhaps the F1 guys should scrap those ridiculous sounding turbocharged V6′s and just use off-the-shelf AMG V8s. If they don’t I’m canceling my subscription to NBC Sports Network.

  3. Lariat1 says:

    Yes, hypnotic. No background music just the sounds of engine building. That sound when the parts seat together. A beautiful machined puzzle. Put the pieces together and you have power and speed. Got to love it to understand.

  4. speed racer says:

    Thanks for posting the video Barry. I’ve been a long time reader and just created a profile to respond to this particular post.

    I bought a CLS550 on the 10th of March, paid cash for it I’m pleased to say. My little car has a 402 horsepower engine, My little 402 horsepower engine doesn’t really measure up to an AMG 550 horsepower engine though. My little car is bad ass in it’s own right and I’m very pleased with it.

    Very pleased to see the construction of a Mercedes engine. Very clean factory. Great video!

    Them Krauts know quality!

    One funny thing, I’ve been driving Honda Accords for the past dozen years or so, They don’t have ashtrays or lighters anymore, my CLS550 does though. Our European cousins still seem to cater to smokers.

    It’s the little differences, as Vincent Vega said!