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2 Responses to “Declining Migration Within the U.S.: The Role of the Labor Market”

  1. 4whatitsworth says:

    I remember this event in recent history. Just after 2000 all of the software and tech companies were dying for qualified engineering talent the new kids coming out school just sucked they were undisciplined, unfocused and just could not do the job. In addition they had very high salary expectations because they had huge college loans and were reading the newly minted websites like that were way off the mark at that time.

    One would think that a high demand for good engineering talent would have been a good thing and intuitions like the government and universities would respond to this. As I recall the response was that the government put in quotas for H1B’s and the Universities just continued to coddle the kids and charge outrageous tuition. This resulted in the necessity of businesses responding by increasing the “off shoring” of work that was the only way to get affordable qualified engineers then the H1B’s holders would travel back and forth to their home country to transfer knowledge. Now what would have been top tier immigrant population engineers and scientists work in their home country and pay taxes there.

  2. 873450 says:

    Booting millions of illegals back over the fence will free up millions of migrant farmworker jobs for millions of unemployed Americans living in slavery under government dependency. The pay is low, but the work dignity is priceless.