I am guest hosting Market Makers today with Stephanie Ruhle from 10 am-12 pm.

We will be talking Markets, IPOs, Housing, and lots of other good stuff.

Check it out here



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3 Responses to “Guest Host: Market Makers with Stephanie Ruhle 10am-12pm”

  1. TDHawk says:

    This was a puzzling interview. On the talk about fundamental analysis, it didn’t seem like there were redeeming and practical qualities for fundamental analysis. Also, it would seems kind of contradictory as your special stock software uses both kinds of analysis?

    I followed your talk about technical analysis as being more of a ship sailor having to navigate the storm with quick precision. I definitely agree that fundamental analysis may not have a place in making people money in maybe a faster environment such as finance. However, fundamental analysis can be useful for a wider audience? For example, fundamental analysis tries to gauge long term economic trends. These trends can be useful for building a viable business on. Again, this goes back to different job. However, people who useful fundamental analysis solely will sorely miss the volatile short term movements which they could have made big money on.

    I still don’t quite understand your more critical view on the fundamental narrative. There was a previous article where you mentioned that it was impossible to explain data and facts without a narrative. Maybe you are advocating a fundamental narrative with technical analysis? Then why the strong bias against the narrative!? Puzzling.

    • You misunderstood my criticism of narrative.

      • TDHawk says:

        Hi Barry…that we can agree on, and I even came forward with my misunderstanding above with, “I still don’t quite understand your more critical view on the fundamental narrative.”

        Maybe you can point out a detail here that will set things in order here.