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13 Responses to “How Americans Die”

  1. rj chicago says:

    Having just lost my wife to a miserable ‘flavor’ of cancer called Leimyosarcoma (rare and terminal) I will be taking a look at this post carefully.

  2. pekoe says:

    Both drugs and other forms of suicide EACH kill more persons prematurely, than die in their cars. Double Wow. Makes me look at my parental concerns differently. Makes me want to change how the things that make life more joyful are distributed in my life and for others: resources, love, friendship, rest, engagement, time.

  3. trafficengineer says:

    One of the stupidest reason why thousands die every year is because of not wearing seat belts. You could be speeding, drunk, or unlucky but if you wear a seat belt you will likely survive the crash. But, “freedom loving” people keep dying for lack of understanding of probability. And it is quite outrageous that in some states there are no primary seat belt laws, to preserve “freedom”.

  4. Whammer says:

    @pekoe, well said. Those numbers are dramatic.

  5. good thing that the Piece left out..,000_americans_die_each_year_from_prescription_drugs,_while_pharma_companies_get_rich
    Hospital medical errors now the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
    New study highlights the fact that estimates in ‘To Err is Human’ report were low
    September 20, 2013 | By Ilene MacDonald

    Medical errors leading to patient death are much higher than previously thought, and may be as high as 400,000 deaths a year, according to a new study in the Journal of Patient Safety

    Read more: Hospital medical errors now the third leading cause of death in the U.S. – FierceHealthcare

    at the minimum, can’t have the Proles getting wise to what’s being done to them..

  6. RW says:

    A skilled presentation with some very nice interactive features but there were several places where the aggregates (or the way data was disaggregated) were not particularly revealing and/or the narrative did not align well with the data; e.g., suicide and drugs are stated to be more prevalent than “gun related deaths” but only gun homicide/murder appears to be represented and while this trend is clearly desirable it leaves the number of suicides or accidental deaths by gun in limbo (these numbers are not likely to be trivial) and while the overall aggregate of old folks looks pretty good, a breakdown by race and class would not be so felicitous (last time I looked, black men were actually losing ground, dying sooner on average than they did a decade or two ago).

  7. gordo365 says:

    Pretty stark pictures that suggest we have lost the war on drugs. Time to legalize and regulate quality/dosage etc. ?

  8. Luigi says:

    In the 25-44 age group, more die from drug induced causes than nearly every other cause including motor vehicle accidents and homicide. This is disturbing to say the least, particularly since before 1980 such deaths were rare.

  9. cschene says:


    This is fascinating and GREAT art work. Did you do this yourself? If so, what tool did you use for the graphs?

    Greta job. Very impressive.