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3 Responses to “How Your Buy Order Gets Filled”

  1. VennData says:

    HFT complaints are way over blown.

    “…Yet the noise and outrage surrounding the HFT issue far exceed the apparent inefficiencies or abuses in the system…”—the-stock-market-isn-t–rigged–175630795.html

    Use limit ordera an you are safe from even the niggling problems. Anyone who is worried about thia should go back and trade twenty years ago.

  2. realitician says:

    If HFT systems are front-running orders through a legal loop-hole, and it seems clear they are, then that’s just plain wrong. As for stop and limit orders, it’s not clear to me that this information isn’t shared with the algo systems too. I’ve had triggers on those pulled and turned against me in suspicious ways over the past few years and don’t use them anymore. Better to get skimmed on a market order than completely duped on the whole trade, but neither should be allowed.