500 Years of History – and 40 Years of Warnings by Top U.S. Officials – Confirms that Government Spying On One’s Own People Is Always About Grabbing Power and Stifling Criticism

Given all of the hooey coming from the spymasters and their shills in the mainstream press, here’s a very brief reminder of what mass spying is really about:

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4 Responses to “Mass Surveillance Is ALWAYS About Crushing Dissent”

  1. PeterJB says:

    within these comments the reader will confirm that the USA is a failed State and in “extremis” – the final stages of unavoidable death. its really all about stupidity, banality and self-delusion.

    “The Real Terrorists wear Suits”


    “You are in prison
    because of the lower minds
    controlling this world.
    We are In bondage to the system”.

    “Where the « good news » takes its sense of
    harmony between microcosm and macrocosm, and
    the Adam happens to be in accord with the great
    cosmic rhythms.”

    Entropy: The US has hit its ‘maximum entropy’ Moment and has no more wherewithal to reset itself.

    Terrorism is purely of Political tool.


    The USA does not use diplomacy; the USA uses might and war as well as destruction, manipulation, and genocide as well as a full toolbox of creative but forceful destruction, etc., to extend its life expectations to acquire its necessary ‘free energy’ or ‘exergy’. I believe that these resources are coming to an end, one way or another, but nevertheless, when this ‘free energy’ is not longer available to the USA, that organization will meet its maximum entropy moment. The USA is hell bent on Empire and Global Communism; a Trotskyite wet dream bent on destruction of all in its path and which in terms of physics, its own eventual self-destruction. Welcome to the Trotskyite Policy for the New American Century (PNAC).


  2. rd says:

    Hoover was a classic example. The surveillence sounds harmless until a powerful, paranoid and/or sociopathic person gets hold of it:


    In this case, Hoover used the FBI to spy on civil rights leaders because wanting the right to be able to go to school with other people, eat at a cafetaria lunch counter with other people, or not be lynched by a gang was viewed as “Communism” by the paranoid right wing.

  3. Lyle says:

    Reading about the reformation: Once can take this theme back that far the inqusitions both roman and spanish were about suppressing dissent (primarily religious), while in other parts of Europe they got rid of witches. It seems that the powers that be if feeling at all threatened try to suppress dissent. It has been this way since at least the heresy affairs in the 14th century. Another demonstration that human nature has not improved.

  4. Low Budget Dave says:

    The Boston Marathon Bombing was the perfect example. No one had bothered to spy on potential terrorists, because the local office was assigned, in large part, to spying on “Occupy Wall Street”.

    Actual terrorists are no threat to the establishment. Only voters are.