Michael Lewis discusses his latest book: “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.”

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3 Responses to “Michael Lewis on Charlie Rose”

  1. VennData says:

    I love Felix Salmon’s article title on ML goofy drama on HFT. “High Speed Journalism.”


    • NMR says:

      This is just one journalist sneering at another. Professional jealousy? Lewis has produced an “entertainment” with a serious purpose. Sure it’s replete with theatrics but his case is sound and any reasonably knowledgeable person can look beyond the bits of stagecraft. And Salmon is wrong. Small investors are being harmed by front running, quote stuffing etc.

  2. WickedGreen says:

    More than once during the morbidly fascinating ‘pay-no-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-screen, little girl’ CNBC shoutfest the day after the 60 Minutes segment, Lewis said in effect that the issue needs a bit more time to dig into than is typically afforded on today’s ADHD Tee-Vee … well, this is an hour you won’t regret. Send it along to your less-than-nerd friends and family, and then contact your broker and ask what he is doing to ensure fair markets.