My pal Jonathan over at Miller Samuel shows us this awesome graphic of high rising apartment buildings in NYC:


click for ginormous graphic

Source: Miller Samuel

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7 Responses to “Race to the Top”

  1. Willy2 says:

    - It confirms the “Sky scraper” index. Near the top of a speculative market top A LOT OF people want to build building that reach for the sky. People are getting too confident, too complacent.
    - I NEVER want to live in a skyscraper and certainly not on the top level(s). Just guess how many stairs I have to climb when the electricity is down.

  2. sellstop says:

    You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you Barry.
    There is a correlation between new tallest buildings and tops of economic expansion.

  3. DSS10 says:

    These are wealth erections…..

  4. 873450 says:

    A lot more of these sliver condos could be built if NYC privatizes and converts Central Park into a members-only country club.

    “If we could get every billionaire around the world to move here, it would be a godsend. They are the ones that pay a lot of the taxes, and we take the tax revenues from those people to help people throughout the entire rest of the spectrum.”
    - Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    “His comments Friday came a day after a Census Bureau report showed the income gap is larger in New York than in any of the nation’s 30 biggest cities. The report also showed that the poverty rate inched up in 2012, to 21.2% of New Yorkers.”

    Americans waiting 30+ years for trickle-down must not succumb to success hating propagandists inciting wealth envy and class warfare against 1%. Someday, everyone gets a helicopter if they can just remain patient for 2-3 more generations. Meanwhile, they should live vicariously through oligarchs.

  5. bman says:

    I do think Barry is rightly pointing out the irrational exuberance. Good luck with your import the billionaire scheme.