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3 Responses to “States With the Biggest Infrastructure Need”

  1. Herman Frank says:

    Yep, regular preventive maintenance is a cost, but politically not sexy at all! Instead, we want rugged He-men coming to the rescue of new widows and new orphans and new desperate citizens – all victims of preventable disasters. But that “saving the population” provides for that wonderful sound-bite on the news! And after I’ve been on the news we turn to the next fund-raiser and that pork-project in my own state!

    And nobody realizing that the cost of one disaster in one area is the same as regular preventive maintenance for 3, 6, 9, 12 months across the whole USA?? My old mother could tell you that the maintenance of one water pipe in the basement can prevent you from having to bail out the basement – and STILL having to fix that water pipe!

  2. rj chicago says:

    Man o man – when I look at the condition of the rail bridges, the roads and the basic infrastructure of Chicago – makes me wonder where that number in the chart comes from. Rahm’s pot hole patrol is out in full force these days filling in a hole while the entire road around it falls into the abyss.

    Did not the ASCE again last year grade US Infrastructure a D?

    We be in heap big trouble as all this stuff starts to collapse at the same time. Rome burns while we ;lay violins.

    And wasn’t part of the purpose of Obamao’s stimulus (porkulus) to start the process of repairing this stuff – especially ‘shovel ready projects’? Where’d all that dough go?

    So many questions, so many observations and evidence and so few answers / responses.

  3. SecondLook says:


    Look again, the ranking is on a dollar per capita basis, not total amounts. Illinois has huge infrastructure expenses, and relative to other most other states, a huge population base to pay for it.

    As for the stimulus spending back in 2009-2010. Well, sadly, the States, red and blue, pleaded and got most of the money to make their payrolls, not to spend on infrastructure projects. A really unpleasant choice at the time – see unemployment go even highers, with state and local governments not having enough people to keep basic services going sufficiently, or actually put current unemployed to work on various needed projects…