Some reads for your trip home this evening:

• No, Current Sentiment is not like March 2000 (Marketwatch)
•  Manipulate Me: The Booming Business in Behavioral Finance (Bloomberg)
• A Major Demographic Tailwind Is Coming That Could Make The US Boom For Years (Business Insider)
• Retirement Advice, Without the Sugarcoating (NY Times)
• Uber vs. Lyft: The $500 Million Battle to Decide How You Ride (Wired)
• Still in the grip of the Great War (Economist)
• Millennial Scam: How young people are tricked by billionaires (Salon)
• Weed Is the Sleeper Issue of 2016 (The Wire) see also Remember when legal marijuana was going to send crime skyrocketing? (Vox)
• A Moon of Saturn Has a Sea, Scientists Say (NYT)
• 5 (Happy Little) Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Ross (Mental Floss)

What’s new with you?


Are Small-Cap Stocks Overpriced?

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9 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    politics doesnt really make us dumber, it just makes so we can ignore things that we dont want to learn

  2. willid3 says:

    why fear deflation?

    cause it can become constant down ward slope, with no end in sight?

  3. willid3 says:

    Comcast is buying up Time Warner cable. and i guess if you have TW for cable or internet, good luck with that. i really do wonder how they beat AT&T or Verizon

  4. chartist says:

    I don’t know about sentiment. But the Nikkei is melting down as I said it would having broke a bear flag pattern….I am not buying the S&P until JCI closes it’s chart gap at $37.50…..

  5. ch says:

    I’m not saying we can’t have trading moves down. But discussions of the possibility of sustained deflation are just plain silly in the face of this article in The Economist: “Central Banks will be financing governments on a permanent basis.”

  6. VennData says:

    Yet another GOP conservative “family values” man makes out with some slut.