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Apple Split?

Lost decade = Good Future Returns

Its all relative


Apple M&A?

Facebook’s Mobile Surge


What’s a Robot Waiting Room?

At this rate, Twitter and Facebook will soon merge

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That’s a lot of tax dollars

I was just saying that to my eagle huntress last week . . .

I’d like to see THAT animation

Yes, its all about the reading


What the what?

At least not with your self awareness

For lunch today: Fat Gangnam Boy

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3 Responses to “Tweets of the Week 4.25.14”

  1. ilsm says:

    We need to donate more to Wounded Warrior so that Lockheed does not need to hire PTA’s to run bake sales to fund F-35′s.

    “Military spending is 135% of the US deficit”.

    Cumulative “national security” spending since 1948 [National Profit Security Act] totals [according to how you work the deflator] more than the current US debt.

    If we used pentagon logic the solutiuon is to increase the debt from other agencies! Like buying more F-35′s; that do not work, are out classed by numerous older aircraft and failed to perform a lot of tests due to poor design, to reduce the “unit acquisition costs”.

    While in Feb of this year 47 senate republicans stopped increasing VA spending by $21B because they did not want to increase the deficit [aka: poor kids had to give up $21B].

  2. KeithOK says:

    Food stamps and welfare tweeter was just repeating a Craig T. Nelson quote: