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top 1 percent NYC
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3 Responses to “What Does NYC’s Top 1% Look lIke?”

  1. Conan says:

    Miami Is Wall Street South — Here’s Why

    Financial titans are relocating to pay less in taxes and maintain a luxury lifestyle with a glittering social scene. It’s already the 2nd most popular financial hub in the country after NYC

    Lower taxes mean more cash in your pocket for what matters.
    In Florida, there are no individual income taxes, no estate taxes and no capital gains taxes.
    So if you think about it, a hedge fund manager reporting $1 million in income can expect to pay only the federal government, whereas his counterparts living in New York City and Connecticut will fork over an extra $104,300 and $67,000 respectively.

    Homes are spacious and private, and set at prices that won’t break a Wall Streeter’s bank.
    Even more of a reason to make the jump to Florida, it’s cheaper to own a home in Miami-Dade County than it is to rent one. According to Miami Association of Realtors, the median sale price was $235,000 compared to New York’s $442,600.
    By the way, New York’s cost of living is nearly 30% above the national average compared to Miami’s 10%.

    And the beaches are so great you can forget the Hamptons already.
    Separated from mainland Miami by Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach is an exclusive barrier island with 9 miles of pristine beaches.
    Recently named as one of the top-five beach cities in the world, Miami Beach is an international playground that is steps away from a rowdy Ocean Drive nightlife.

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  2. theexpertisin says:

    From Naples on the Gulf to Jupiter on the Atlantic, there is no better area for those of means (and those wanting to become a person of means) than this Golden Crescent.

    And the surroundings in and about beautiful Wilmington NC are a top choice as well.

    Go South, friends…..

  3. cschene says:

    People live in New York City because it is and has been “Rome” of the world since the 1940′s. There they have the most important social and business contacts that help get rich and remain rich.