My afternoon train reading:

• In Gundlach’s ‘No Normal’ World, Treasuries Can’t Lose (Bloomberg)
• Nothing is happening. (Reformed Broker) but see The Average Stock is in a Bear Market (Business Insider)
• Distribution of Alternative Investments Through Wirehouses: Key Findings 2014 (Money Management Institute)
• NFL Players to Rookies: Stop Spending! (CNN Money)
• Did the financial crisis make us permanently poorer? (WonkBlog)
• The Plural of Anecdote is Bullet-Point (Epicurean Dealmaker)
• Chinese Cities’ Four Modernizations (Project Syndicate)
• The US Government is Trying to Fine a Drone Hobbyist for the First Time Ever (Vice)
• Are consumers better off putting everything in the cloud? (WSJ)
• The Bible backs same-sex couples: Point by point, why the haters are wrong (Salon)

What are you reading?



What is the outlook for Twitter?

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7 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. Willy2 says:

    - Gundlach is right about that inflation isn’t going “through the roof” any time soon and he’s right when he says that the retiring US population is going to spend less. In that regard he is on the same path as Gary Shilling who heavily invested in 30 year T-bonds
    - But he fails to see the implications of an ageing population. I.e. less tax revenues and lower demand leading to higher budget deficits across the board. (Remember the 0.11% growth rate of the 1st quarter of 2014 ??).

    Yields are going to rise !!!!! Not because of lack of inflation (Shilling & Gundlach) but as a result the US alianation with e.g. China & Russia. And the upcoming US default. (Robert Prechter !!!!). And foreign creditors already have slowed down their T-bond purchases.

    I thought Gundlach & Shilling were smart persons. But they seem to miss a number of crucial points. Inflation is NOT a driver for interest rates. Simple “Demand & Supply” are.

  2. ch says:

    From Gundlach’s article:

    “His $32.5 billion DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund (DBLTX) has posted an annual 5.9 percent gain in the past three years, more than double the peer average, data compiled by Bloomberg show.”

    Yay. One of the best performing bonds fund means I only lost 1-2% per year in purchasing power v. food, energy, healthcare, shelter & educational costs…where do I sign up?

  3. catman says:

    I take the opposite view. Continued low rates help cut the deficit hawks off at the knees and bring the US back toward a more pragmatic polity.

  4. Willy2 says:

    - US interest rates bottomed in mid 2012 and are going higher. No matter what Shilling or Gundlach say.

    • Willy2 says:

      There was an EXTREMELY worrying signal in the last days. Both the 30 year & USD reversed, turned on a dime. I was watching & waiting for this event to happen and (bang) here we have it.

      USA: “Moreturi te salutam”.

  5. VennData says:

    Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton has Brain Damage

    No Mission is too impossible for Karl Rove. What a brilliant political mind he has.