Merry Sunday.  Here are some reads to enjoy with your morning coffee:

• GMO’S Jeremy Grantham Remains Bullish on Stocks (Barron’s) see also Jeremy Grantham Makes A Very Specific Call About When The Bubble Will Burst (Business Insider)
• How Accounting, Stop Groaning, Will Save the World (Bloomberg)
• Will invest for food (Economist)
• The Fed’s future management of short rates (FT Alphaville)
• Rubin, Greenspan Blew a Chance to Avert the Financial Crisis (Businessweek)
• Why The Pentagon Is Spending So Unbelievably Much On The F-35 (Business Insider)
• A blistering analysis of California’s Hollywood tax giveaway (LA Times)
• One Missing Jet, One Sunken Ferry, Two Responses (Bloomberg View)
• How a secret iOS feature could change the Internet (Fortune)
• The way life thinks (TLS)

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Passive vs. Active Assets Under Management

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8 Responses to “10 Sunday Reads”

  1. ilsm says:

    F-35 is not maneuverable, it needs all the radar suppression “support” as the F-18, it is not reliable, depends on a single source for engines, and the cost overruns are partly paid by cutting development of repair systems.

    F-35 boondoggle is the Military Industry Complex standard, not unique in DoD weapon system acquisition. It is notable as the biggest single debacle, with $120B wasted so far that the pentagon, congress Lockheed cabal will throw away $1400B in future money after the lucrative mistakes.

    This is contrary to what was taught in ECO 101. Decisions are always made based on the future, not standing by past blunders.

    This 5 minute video explains the 5 or 6 F-35 contrivances that pave the path to trillions in pentagon waste:

  2. > • Why The Pentagon Is Spending So Unbelievably Much On The F-35 (Business Insider)

    As they say, no honor among thieves . . .

    “At the same time, Boeing has been loudly criticizing the F-35′s stealth vulnerabilities in an attempt to get the Navy to buy more of its radar jamming champion EA-18G Growlers to support the Joint Strike Fighter.”

    • ilsm says:

      “No honor among thieves”:

      The stealth shape, which costs maneuver, and speed, of the F-35 was to reduce the requirement for Growlers’ radar suppression mission thus more strike fighters on the deck. Boeing is saying: F-35 is not safe without Growler. F-35 is also not good in a dog fight.

      So, Navy should scrap F-35 buy more F-18′s.

      More “no honor among thieves”:

      MV 22 was supposed to retire the H-53 helicopter. There is a major defense program in process to develop and deliver a new generation of CH-53K’s. New CH-53′s to do what MV-22 cannot survive attempting.

  3. MojaveMax says:

    Federal Court Rules Stiff Driving Posture Is Suspicious Behavior

    “A federal appeals court has ruled that driving one’s hands at the “ten-and-two position” is reason enough to pull someone over for further investigation. No traffic laws have to actually be broken. Additionally, the court ruled that facial acne is reason enough to suspect the driver is a drug smuggler.”

  4. Crocodile Chuck says:

    wtf? an advertorial for Lockheed @ TBP?

    May I commend to your attention, THIS:

  5. rj chicago says:

    Referencing MH 370 “And Malaysia, 55 days after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished? Nothing. No officials have quit. Prime Minister Najib Razak seems more defiant than contrite. The docile local news media has focused more on international criticism of Malaysia’s leaders rather than on any missteps by those leaders themselves.”

    Um…..all I can think of is that dude on Mystery Island from way back when – “De plane boss – De plane”!!!

    Folks that thing ain’t in the water. Way too much hiding of this thing to even begin that a nation ruled by ‘saving face’ will even begin to discuss where that thing is – AND I can only think of the passengers on that silver tube in the sky – where’d they go and how did they go?

    This is the equivalent of those here who say “nothing to see here – just move along”. This whole story has the smell of a dead fish.

  6. marketmap says:

    Not sure why Grantham admires Hussman. Hussman’s fund performance hasn’t borne out his “workoholic” research over the last 10 years …