My afternoon train reads:

• Young investors are hoarding cash (CNN Money)
• Nervous Investors Pile Into Bonds (WSJ) see also Investors are hitting the gas on sports-car bonds (WSJ)
• The Inflation Warning Signs Are Piling Up (Business Insider)
• Why It’s So Hard to Get a Job (Bloomberg View) but see Hiring perks in Silicon Valley are getting lavish (CNBC)
• Washington state defies minimum wage logic (MarketWatch)
• Flashback to March 2009 (Calculated Risk)
• Reid calls for constitutional amendment on campaign cash (Plum Line)
• Don’t Blame ‘Boomers’ For Not Retiring (STA Wealth) see also A Big Debate About Baby Boomers (FiveThirtyEight)
• The Two GOP Establishments (Washington Post)
• Game of Phones: How Verizon is playing the FCC and its customers (The Verge)

What are you reading?



8 in 10 Manhattan home sales are all-cash

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4 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. intlacct says:

    from “Don’t Blame Boomers”
    “From the small business perspective there continues to be no progress on their top problems: cost of health insurance…”

    The Affordable Care Act did not help? They can offload that cost, no?