A few reads to keep you busy on the commute home:

• U.S. Economy Shrinks for First Time Since 2011; Pent Demand Suggests Temporary Setback (Bloomberg)
• When Assessing Investment Advice, Consider the Source (NY Times)
Today’s WTF headline: The Case for Ignoring Jennifer Lopez When Making Trades (Bloomberg)
• The Only Daily Market Update Worth Paying Attention To (Motley Fool)
• Short Sales, Foreclosure Sales Slow in U.S. (World Property Channel) see also Five states make up nearly half of U.S. foreclosures (MarketWatch)
• 7 Million People Earn America’s Other Minimum Wage: $23,660 (Real Time Economics)
• Do Conservatives Have Any New Ideas? (Bloomberg View) see also Why gridlock is the GOP’s fault (Washington Post)
• Lobby Tries, Fails to Frighten on Clean Energy (NY Mag)
• How a Copyright Dispute Helped Give America Rock ‘n’ Roll (Priceonomics)
• How to use social media when you’re dead (Daily Dot)

What’s up?

Emerging Markets Bounce Back

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5 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    Business Week went even further on the GDP drop proclaiming it “good for the economy”


    Given the magnitude of the GDP plunge in 2008-2009 recession, I am still baffled about why that was not spectacularly great for the economy as it should have created all sorts of pent-up demand. I assume that the clustering around the minimum wages may have something to do about that.

  2. rd says:

    Actually, the conservative right wing has come up with a new idea in the past 6 years. If Ted Cruz is nominated to become President, he will be the second of the last three Republican nominees to have been born outside the commonly accepted definition of the United States (McCain – Panama Canal Zone; Cruz – Calgary, Canada) and they would not have been eligible to run for President if they were not born in the United States.

    However, the current President, with a Hawaiian birth certificate, was apparently not born in the United States, but in Kenya instead. So it appears that the conservatives will have come up with a new and unique definition of the United States and several other countries. I am sure that Scalia and Thomas will be able to find the sections in the Constitution and the Federalist Papers that outline how the original framers intended this new definition of the boundaries of the United States.

  3. rd says:

    How complete idiocy may result in an increased net worth value by a billion dollars or more:


  4. rd says:

    Apparently, insurers are being pressured because people who don’t need insurance aren’t buying it. A crisis is developing because millenials who are getting married and having kids later mistakenly believe that they don’t need life insurance if they don’t have spouses and children. They don’t understand yet that the reason to buy life insurance is to generate profits for insurance companies. I am sure they will soon be educated by their “fiduciary” brokers who will sell them “suitable” insurance.


  5. thomas hudson says:

    team reconnects with satellite that has been dormant since 1978:



    code was written by U of Arizona undergrad