Some morning reads to start your day:

• The Many Ways to Tap the Water Boom (Barron’s)
• Notes from the Ira Sohn Conference, 2014 (Reformed Broker) see also Hedge Fund Moguls’ Pay Has the 1% Looking Up (DealBook)
• The Lehman Brothers Ethos Fades at Barclays (MoneyBeat)
• Financial advisers: Should you hire one, or manage your money by yourself? (WSJ) see also 5 rookie investing mistakes to avoid (USA Today)
Too Big To Audit? Large Partnerships Escape IRS Scrutiny, GAO Reports (CNS News)
• Gary Becker and the Economics Revolution That Wasn’t (New Yorker)
• Thomas Piketty Interview: I Don’t Care for Marx (New Republic) see also Americans not sold on Piketty’s big idea…yet (Washington Post)
• How long can Russia’s oil and gas wealth last? (CS Monitor)
• Indictment Details How to Forge a Masterpiece (NY Times)
• Apple Retail and the Innovator’s Dilemma (stratechery)

What are you reading?



Hedge Fund Moguls’ Pay Has the 1% Looking Up

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7 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. swag says:

    Not that I’m worried about inflation, but 1.94% ain’t too shabby for small savers:

    The composite rate for I bonds issued May 1, 2014 – October 31,2014 is 1.94%. US Citizens can buy I bonds in increments as small as $25. You can buy as much as $5000 in a single year. You can redeem the bond after 12 months, however, if you redeem the bond before it is five years old, you lose the last three months of interest. The interest rate on I bonds vary with the inflation rate (CPI-U, includes food & energy, unlike core CPI) over the life of the bond (up to 30 years). Tax on the redemption of savings bonds (or on annual reporting of interest, if you prefer) is federal only – exempt from state and local.

    • bear_in_mind says:

      Probably not a bad place to stash a chunk of emergency funds. It’s fairly liquid and the penalty for not leaving the funds in until maturity are nil. Certainly much better return than anyone will find in a TBTF-bank CD.

  2. VennData says:

    JB’s summary is a great read. This quote made me laugh:

    “..[Paul Tudor Jones] blames lack of interest rate volatility, globally, for the current environment. “I depend on price movement to make a living, and there is none. The message to all bond bears is wait, until you see the whites of their eyes, before you sell fixed income.”

    Can someone quantidy when daytraders “see the whites of their eyes” for me. If you waited to”see the whites of their eyes” on the Obama bull market, you missed it.

    Don’t even get me started on how upset he is about a lack of volatility. The computers are so beyond your feel for gaming volatility in your day trading gut, you will lose wealth by thinking your “whites of their eyes” identification of volatility is a profitable trend.

    So we just had a 10% move in the long bind. That wasn’t enough? You didn’t “see” that coming? LOL

    The reason you haven’t made money PTJ is because day trading no longer works. The computers have made the markets more efficient.

    When are these guys going to get this through their arrogant skulls?

  3. Presumably, Marketwatch has concluded their audience likes lists . . . from just today’s home page:

    5 things that are huge in China, but not in the U.S.
    8 secrets for success from early retirees
    5 utilities that are now takeover targets
    5 ways to make a hacker’s life harder
    10 things not to buy in 2014
    10 things SAT scores won’t tell you

  4. hue says:

    Simple life hampers search for his killer (WaPo) Philip Welsh seemed to have no secrets and no enemies. And he left behind no electronic footprints — the text messages, e-mails, cellphone logs and social-media traffic that police routinely use these days as they seek out unknown quarrels and final movements.

    States that didn’t set up marketplaces see surge in health plan enrollment, figures show (WaPo) Why That Huge Explosion In Health Care Spending Might Have Been A ‘Mirage’ (
    Business Insider

    Liberals Eat Here. Conservatives Eat There. (
    ) Hooters more left wing than right lol

  5. Jojo says:

    Al Jazeera America
    Obama administration says the US is already grappling with climate change; experts warn federal action is needed now
    May 6, 2014 9:45AM ET
    by Peter Moskowitz @ptrmsk

    Climate change is real and has the potential to catastrophically affect every aspect of American life, the Obama administration said Tuesday in a report that prompted immediate calls for a national response akin to a “wartime” scale effort.

    The White House said the report is “the most comprehensive scientific assessment ever generated of climate change and its impacts across every region of America and major sectors of the U.S. economy.” Its findings are expected to be a launching pad for Obama’s climate change policy in the last two years of his presidency.

    The report, called the National Climate Change Assessment, outlines dozens of recommendations on how to reverse the effects of climate change and adapt to the ones already happening — from capping carbon emissions to building storm-surge barriers along the U.S. coastline.

    While climate change experts and environmental activists have applauded the report, they warn that words alone won’t be enough. They say they’re worried the dire predictions in the report won’t be matched by the gargantuan policy effort needed to address them.