Afternoon delight:

• Lloyd Blankfein on the future of Goldman Sachs (Quartz)
• Mixed Signals in a Corporate Felon’s Punishment (DealBook)
• Risk appetite leaves gold in the cold. (WSJ)
• Consumer buying power and volatility likely to rise, but backdrop is positive. (Fidelity)
• U.S. Ambassador to Chinese Investors: America Wants Your Business (Real Time Economics)
• The Net Neutrality Wake-up Call (stratechery) see also Steve Wozniak to the FCC: Keep the Internet Free (The Atlantic)
• 9 Simple Statements That Will Make You Think Differently About the World (Motley Fool)
• Contrary To Popular Belief, The World Has Manhattan All Wrong (Miller Samuel)
• Good Poker Players Aren’t Lucky (Bloomberg View)
• Here are the finalists of Pornhub’s SFW advertising competition (DailyDot)

What are you reading?

It’s a good time to globalize your stock portfolio

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7 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    Actually the article about Manhattan reaffirms my model of Manhattan:

    1. There lots of people, most of whom are poor to lower middle-class when comparing iving standards with the rest of the country.

    2. Those people make most of the transactions on a volume basis.

    3. The income and expenditure value is largely driven by a relatively small number of people who make gargantuan amounts of money compared to the typical person.

    4. The bulk of the value of the real estate is owned by a relatively small percentage of the people, and a significant percentage of the value is owned by wealthy foreigners.

    So, there is a big difference between calculating median vs mean values for Manhattan unlike a number of small towns and cities in America.

  2. A says:

    Isn’t Mr Blankfein the same dude who lied to congress ?

    Don’t you wonder what it’s like to do virtually anything you want, knowing your high-priced legal counsel will not allow you to be incarcerated.

    Perhaps the theme sign for GS should be an adaptation of the Tammy Wynette classic:

  3. willid3 says:

    who really is responsible for air safety?
    just in the US. there are about 6500 workers at the FAA that do air safety work.

    compared to every one else

    610,000 pilots(about 116,000 commercial pilots)
    701,000 others (mechanics, etc)

    about 498 million passengers

    about 6,000 airlines, plus about 200,000+ private aircraft

    and this is in an areas where we really seem to pay attention.

  4. VennData says:

    Always good to hear the guy whose business is worth 25% of what it was worth…

    “..In the meantime, Chambers also predicts a general bloodbath for all businesses everywhere…”

    So invest in tourniquets!

    “…”You are going to see a brutal, brutal consolidation of the IT industry where out of the top five players, only two or three of us will be meaningful in as quick as five years,” he said. “We know we have to change.”

    He suggests that those top players are Cisco, IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Oracle..”
    What about Redhat?

  5. VennData says:

    Supreme Court Justice Alito stays Missouri execution

    Alito the crusading liberal! Recall!!!

    THIS is what compromise with the big money elites of the GOP gets you Tea Partiers! Vote to oust the main stream GOP and their agenda to absorb you into their elitist limousine lifestyles!!!

  6. VennData says:

    Tea Party gets crushed, humiliated used by GOP Big Money Elites once again.

    In the spirit of shutting down government, the Tea party needs to shut down the GOP!!!

    Cross over and vote for Democrats until those ugly Socialist liberals ruin the country!!!

    Only then will the Tea Party be able to get control of the message on give us back our freedoms form the tyranny of The communists who run the country from the Chamber of Commerce, big Oil, Big Media and the Log Cabin Republicans!!!