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4 Responses to “A Case for Index Fund Portfolios”

  1. Herman Frank says:

    Thank you for the posting. Indeed, a gem of a study.
    Of course, we have to take into account my bias towards Index Funds, but the document has statistical evidence that the appreciation is well-founded.

  2. VennData says:

    As more investors head toward index funds volatility will decline, making equities more valuable. I think that has happened already to a certain extent, but more study is needed.

    You can be sure, human nature what it is, there will continue to be salesmen…er… a… hedge funds and active managers who will con investors. Especially large investors like pension funds who have alabaster-white pillars of the community on their boards who pay big bucks to pension managers to “select funds.”

  3. bigal says:

    I am a fan of index funds but would like to see this analysis done by researchers who do not make their living from managing portfolios of index funds. Possible conflict of interest.


    ADMIN: There is a wealth of academic research that conclusively, overwhelmingly demonstrates this to be the case.

    • VennData says:

      Bigal’s got the self editing mode on. A comment like that should be researched first. What is the point of guessing index performance research may be biased? Look it up!