All the Western companies you’d have to combine to get something like Alibaba:


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Source: Quartz


Alibaba filed for its IPO last night, and as you can see below, it is more than merely the “Amazon of China.”

If you want to know why the dollars involved are so large,  and investors seem endlessly enthusiastic about the company, consider the sandbox they play in: In addition to onlineretail, Alibaba is also involved in cloud services, online payments, mobileOS/Apps, maps/navigation, group purchasing, ride sharing, microblogging, and music streaming.

Amazon of China? More like the Amazon-Android-Dropbox-PayPal-Uber-Groupon-Spotify-Twitter-Hulu of China.

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5 Responses to “Alibaba: The _____ of China”

  1. TDHawk says:

    Makes sense. Doing business in China means that your ideas get stolen. Alibaba is the top contracting company in China to be able to execute a grand steal of all those ideas.

  2. b_thunder says:

    This clearly demonstrates how Alibaba ripped off the business ideas that originated in the West and copied them to make money, while being shielded by the Chinese government from the outside competition and copyright lawsuits.
    Soon, very soon, the final and the grandest rip-off will commence: the Alibaba’s rip off of the Western speculators (I can’t imagine any real INVESTORS buying material stakes in this over-hyped foreign entity not subject to impartial courts.) And again they will get away with the scam thanks to the Chinese government protections.

  3. Livermore Shimervore says:

    I set up an account on there about seven years ago. I was trying to source a specific sports car product to sell on my own a small scale. Within hours of my posting the lead I had a young lady in nearly perfect English calling me from China asking about supplying my order. And a ton of emails in horrible English offering the product through mostly images.
    This site is a favorite of small business start-ups in the U.S. for sourcing product or to have their ideas manufactured, like for aspiring fashion designers. From an American perspective in this regard, I’m mot sure there’s a U.S. version of Alibaba anymore.

    • Iamthe50percent says:

      Speaking of horrible English, “source” is a noun. When one drives say West, one doesn’t “car West”. Were you trying to be the source, find a source, or what? What is the verb here? Hint, if your 7th grade English teacher tell you, a verb is usually an action word, eat, sleep, drive, take, et cetera. The exception being verbs that indicate a state, such as, the verbs “be” and “have”.