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3 Responses to “Behavioral Test: What Are the World’s Deadliest Animals?”

  1. TerryC says:

    This goes well with your other posts about perceived risk and cost-benefit studies. Had DDT still been in use to this day, millions of people would be alive who died because it was more politically correct to ban it than look at a true benefit to mankind versus a very dubious threat.

    Of course, it’s also hard to visualize Chief Brody telling Captain Quint “you’re gonna need a bigger fly swatter.”

    • I believe DDT is again in use, only this time with sanity. When I was a kid, there were crop duster-like planes dropping the stuff everywhere. Yeah, it killed the mosquitoes but also birds and snakes. Rachel Carson collected the robins dropping dead from the branches to show there was a problem, and wrote the book Silent Spring.

      If a little is good, a lot is great just doesn’t apply to DDT. Where used, it is sprayed under the eaves of houses. Provides protection from mosquitoes while limiting the damage to other animals.

  2. [...] Your best guess would be?  I said “man,” actually second deadliest as shown in this graph of people killed worldwide per year, from Bill Gates’ Blog. [...]