Giotto Bizzarrini walked out on Ferrari (where he was working on the 250 GTO) in the ‘palace revolt of 1961.’ Soon after, he was working for himself, and accepted a commission he Renzo Rivolta, a wealthy Milanese industrialist, who wanted to build a GT car under his own Iso brand. Several cars resulted from this collaboration, eventually leading us to the Bizzarrini 5300 GT via Classic Driver:

3/4 view is especially handsome:


Looks sleek from the profile

Very classic Ferrari like interior:


More photos after the jump

Source: Classic Driver

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One Response to “Bizzarrini 5300 GT”

  1. guadas says:

    Now…that’s style!! BR and anyone else interested in some indepth reading/history on Bizzarrini and Rivolta…get your hands on “Isorivolta The Men, The Machines” by Winston Goodfellow. Not just a table top book with a bunch of pics but a good, in depth history of Rivolta, the country, and folks like Bizzarrini that worked with Rivolta.

    This book starts at THE BEGINNING…..when Rivolta was making refrigerators. It’s very interesting to see how, why, etc they made the transition to transportation and then all the iterations thereof.

    Back to these great pics. I’ve checked out a Bizzarrini in a nearby resto shop I do occasional business with….time for another visit and I better forward BR’s posting to the shop owner!