This scissor-doored beastie is enough to make a man want to give up internal combustion engines. Here is the L.A Times:

The 2014 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and the all-electric i3 are the first offerings from the automaker’s new i subbrand. Equal parts sex appeal and efficiency, the cars combine electrification with lightweight construction and eye-catching designs. We recently spent a day in the i8, a 357-horsepower, all-wheel-drive coupe with wing-like doors that open upward and a body that will excite anyone with a pulse.

This is no Leaf or Volt. The i8 sells for $136,000. But it’s not a Porsche 911 or Audi R8 either — though it costs about as much. This car promises high performance, but limited by a conscience.

As you can see, its gorgeous:


Source: LA Times

Source: WSJ




Source: Automobile Magazine

Source: WSJ

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2 Responses to “2014 BMW i8: High Performance Plug-in Hybrid”

  1. supercorm says:

    That’s nice …

    … however, its funny that you have to plug this car. There should be something in the tires or under the car that connect automatically to your charging parking “pad”.

  2. SecondLook says:

    Beautiful body design, save for its rear – BMW should take lessons from Jaguar as to how make wrap sheet metal around the back.

    As for the technology, arguably the most wonderful development in the big picture sense of cars is how rapidly new features are moving down the price ladder. In 4 years, the i8′s tech will be available on cars going for $70,000, in 8 to 10 years it will be automotive standard equipment.

    Assuming of course, that the ecological-economic apocalypse is postponed for another generation…