Canada’s and America’s post-financial-crisis worlds look different



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9 Responses to “Comparing Canada & America Post-Crisis”

  1. rd says:

    Canada just doesn’t undersand that regulation is bad and government-run programs are incompetent., with the excetion of the military. As a result, their heavily-regulated banking sector doesn’t contribute as much to the county’s economy as the US’s financial sector. Likewise, Canada doesn’t understand that restricting spending in the healthcare sector dramatically reduces the beneficial fiscal impacts of healthcare consumption that can be observed in the US. Even more egregiously, Canada refuses to spend large quantities of money on its military, thereby depriving the country of that efficiient fiscal stimulus (the only govenment program proven to be well-run in the US)..

  2. LeftCoastIndependent says:

    rd, you have to be a brainwashed zombie to say the military is “the only government program proven to be well-run in the US”. The Neocons are alive and well folks.

    • rd says:

      It must be the only program that is well run in the US. Whenever cutting military spending is brought up in Congress, the people who are constantly demanding cutting government expenditures and taxes because government cannot be trusted to run anything demand that the military be spared because its spending is essential and well-managed. These aren’t namby-pamby liberals who have never seen a government program that shouldn’t be increased 10% per year. These are cost-cutting, tax-cutting, privatizing idealogues who insist on retaining the military spendingso they must be correct.

      • gusgus says:

        My rd, you are a sly one. At first I thought you were being serious with your over the top defence of the worst in the U.S. system. But now I get it, you’re being ironic. Bless you, you are a cunning one.

    • rd says:

      My wife teaches in an urban school. A couple of the kids in her class from this year and last year just had their mothers go to jail for drugs. These are single parent familes, so the kids are now staying with friends. For some reason they are not doing well in school despite the introduction of the common core curriculum…..

  3. rd says:

    A new report by a real estate investment firm finds that the three most resilient major cities in the world are in Canada.

    Apparently, believing in climate change and structuring yourself to adapt to it helps move you up the list which is how NYC gets up to 14th place.

  4. theexpertisin says:

    Canada has saved hundreds of billions of dollars over the years letting US military r&d and the US military itself provide for Canada’s defense needs. Many other nations have done the same. This era of free and guaranteed protection is coming to an end.

    When nations such as Russia and China begin to make natural resource grabs in areas of the Arctic Canada views as territorial, Canada will rush to defend it’s interests with military equipment that will do nothing except amuse adversaries. And I doubt if the United States will do anything meaningful to help.

  5. 4whatitsworth says:


    You have a great point no one wants to spend any money on defense and why should they when we are always picking up the tab. In addition everyone wants to use the internet, GPS, and the latest robotics technology for free. These innovations BTW were mostly developed by the US defense industry. One thing to remember however is that our large military does allow us to continue to print US currency so it may be worth the cost of going it alone.

    My view on Canada specifically is that they are over inflated (just look at consumer credit) and the currency markets knows this the Ca dollar is down almost 10% against USD in the last year. If you talk to Canadian’s they are flying high the Toronto Mayor is smoking crack and even the bankers are walking around without touching the ground. My bet is that all this so called social resilience ends badly.