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5 Responses to “Hiring Managers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates”

  1. WickedGreen says:


    Because, you know, the LAST place I look when deciding whether I want to work FOR some company is their social media ‘best face’.

    Wake me up when private sector employers put their dirty laundry out there for assessment.

    Meanwhile, I’ll look at what’s left of alternative media, starting with

  2. LeftCoastIndependent says:

    Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to find a job recently

  3. Facebook is hardly a good source to check candidates, especially now that users are starting to restrict the public viability. LInkedIn’s not active, as few users in my network post even stories or industry news events.

  4. areophile says:

    So, if a company looks at your social media footprint, and you are involved in civil/minority activism like gay marriage rights, income inequality or labor advocacy, then disallows your employment based on that information, that’s not “screening” for “bad” content; that’s gerrymandering your workforce to ensure like-minded automatons.

  5. mpappa says:

    Always be careful what you say. You never know what the other person is thinking or perceiving. If youre a conservative and the hiring manager is a liberal you may not get the job. If youre a Yankee fan and the hiring manager loves the red sox, you are screwed unless your looking in Boston.