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2 Responses to “Housing, retail, risk: The week ahead”

  1. wisegrowth says:

    Excellent report… Barry.
    We have had many episodes of something nasty this year, like you say. But I never saw those episodes leading to anything. There will be more in the next 8 months, that can lead to something a bit nastier. I look at first half of 2015 for the break downward.
    Consumption by capital income is going to start slacking, so when people start saying that wages are rising and demand will rise, they will be wrong. They miss the other side of the coin… that consumption by capital spending will be declining. Therefore, no pick up in demand, and also headwinds for profits.

  2. Willy2 says:

    “Not Worried about Inflation” ???

    Inflation DOES NOT drive rates DIRECTLY !!!!! Only indirectly.