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One Response to “Hysteresis in Unemployment and Jobless Recoveries”

  1. Futuredome says:

    The post war recoveries were so fast because the government greased the wheel. No surprise the wheel greasing stopped(sans 2009-10, before they stopped) in the early 90′s, the recoveries became “jobless”. Americans are taught to hate their government, worship the market state and live a decadent lifestyle depending on your wealth. Rockefeller’s ‘biblical capitalism’ is pure treason.

    The myth that recoveries pre-New Deal America were fast is funny as hell. Several times between 1820 and 1940 it took 7-10 years for labor markets to recovery with the 1830′s/40′s and Great Depression taking over 10 years(though 1873-85 slump was close). Capital loves to invent “myths” because control over the business cycle is paramount mentally to control of the world. When the government is increasing purchases, that puts pressure on them to spend whether they like it or not. This “push” is what they don’t like.