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9 Responses to “Jefferson on Corporatocracy”

  1. not, of course, that Jefferson is misguided on this Topic..

    misguided are those that believe it ends there..


    Jefferson on Central Banks..

    if one wants to get, more, toward the Root of the ~Issue..

  2. Crocodile Chuck says:

    2014: Would that it were so.

  3. CD4P says:

    When the president makes less than most CEOs in America, and depends on their contributions to fund his election efforts, its sign, sealed & delivered. A couple of years from now, Obama will be poolside someplace, appearing every once in a while to deliver a 20 minute speech for $100k a pop and then making the rounds to publicize his memoirs.

  4. S Brennan says:

    C’mon Barry, the Robert’s court led by Scalia held a séance to determine the “original intent” of the founding fathers and determined that the desires of the the founders are EXACTLY the whims of today’s monied interests. Sheesh!

    Who ‘ya gonna trust, some dusty old history books, or a shiny new ouija board run by Scalia? After all, Scalia accurately predicted the outcome of a court case even before the court had even heard arguments…hell he was playing tennis when he predicted the outcome of the Gore vs Bush case…I tell you the guy is a genius, he can always tell you the outcome of any case he’s involved with.

  5. phoneranger says:

    “a government of wolves over sheep”?

    In fact, Jefferson and Hamilton were right about a lot of things. Just not the same things.

    And I do love lamb chops.