A few reads to start off your Memorial Day:

• Michael Lewis reviews Yreasury Secretary Geithner’s ‘Stress Test’ (NYTBR)
• Absolute Returns LOL (TRB)
• Barclays Manipulated Gold as Soon as It Stopped Manipulating Libor (Bloomberg View)
Shiller: Buying Insurance Against Climate Change (NYT) see also This ice sheet will unleash a global Superstorm Sandy that never ends (MoJo)
• Are you paying too much for your mutual funds? (MarketWatch)
• Financial Crisis, Over and Already Forgotten (NY Times)
• There’s No Such Thing as a Free Tax Cut (The Upshot)
• Loss Aversion, Evolution and Risk Complacency (Phil Pearlman)
WTF? Fox Gives Show To SEC-Fined Analyst Who Was Paid To Tout Now Worthless Stocks (Media Matters)
• The Rise of the Tribute Band (Priceonomics)

SPF 30 is mandatory!


Tech Stocks Are Still ‘Too Silly’ For Some

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12 Responses to “10 Memorial Day Reads”

  1. StatArb says:

    Hard to believe that FOX would do such a thing … unless CNBC did the same ! ! !

  2. Molesworth says:

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around:
    * Avowed Christians hating poor people….because they’re lazy (When did Jesus say that?)
    * Family value proponents adamant that gun control is dangerous and cannot accept that it might make their kids safer,
    * Conservatives denying climate change might be real (what is it about the the meaning of conservative you don’t understand? – to waste? to use up?). Oh if you think the reviled Koch Bros are not investing in climate change assets, you’re not doing your research. They believe and they’re investing to profit it from it.
    * Liberals proclaiming they have the answers without providing actionable to-dos lists for the us everyday common folk (ok, I get it, the sky is falling, so what do you what me to do? Donate to you? That’s it? And then what? Go shopping? Go to yoga class?),
    * Politicians implementing austerity measures when economies are weak, only to be surprised when right wing parties start winning. (Hello? History.)
    * Intelligent hard-working people (not finance guys I might add) investing their 401ks in individual stocks rather than indexing.
    Cognitive dissonance is wide spread and people act contrary to their interests. If we are presented with hard data and we still deny it, I cannot see the catalyst for real change. And I cannot believe that I am immune.

  3. willid3 says:

    what else would you expect from an analyst named payne (pain)?

  4. Jojo says:

    Radioactive kitty litter may have ruined our best hope to store nuclear waste
    Billions invested in an underground New Mexico repository could be wasted because of one seemingly innocuous decision

    By Matt Stroud on May 23, 2014

    Some of the most dangerous nuclear waste in the US is currently scattered between 77 locations all over the country, awaiting permanent storage. Until February, many experts suggested that the best place to put it was a facility about 40 miles east of Carlsbad, New Mexico, called the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). For 15 years, WIPP has operated as the first and only permanent, deep geologic nuclear waste storage facility in the country, holding “low level” radioactive materials — mostly clothing and tools exposed to radiation from nuclear weapons production — in steel barrels more than 2,150 feet below the Earth’s surface.

    But earlier this year two emergencies brought that suggestion — and WIPP’s future — into question. And now it seems kitty litter may be to blame.


  5. VennData says:

    You go to war with the VA you got.

    • VennData says:

      Veterans Groups Lash Out at Republican Senator

      “…The burgeoning controversy over delayed access to care at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals has always contained risks for Republicans pushing the issue. The logical conclusions of the push would be either a politically difficult effort to privatize veterans’ health care or to supply substantially more money to a system burdened by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an option veterans groups have demanded but Republican leaders have resisted…”


      The GOP are a sad sorry bunch

      • DeDude says:

        The VA is already outsourcing care to the private sector and as a result paying much more for certain types of care than they should. But that is part of a GOP strategy. Demand absurdly low waiting times (way below normal private care wait times), but not increase the money to hire doctors to get things done “on demand”. Then force the VA to use huge sums to get top priority care from outside, starving the inside system and making it dysfunctional (and have even longer waits). That is then used as a proof that the government system doesn’t work and that we must have even more privatization of VA. Yes the VA could be reformed a certain places – but the main problem is that the amount of resources they get to care for patients has not been matched to the huge influx of new patients. Sorry folks wars are expensive long after the soldiers have left the battle fields.

  6. Mbuna says:

    LOL, I have to say, on the “Fox gives show to…” that my immediate reaction was that I would expect nothing less from Fox and Murdoch.

  7. hue says:

    What conservatives don’t understand about the modern U.S. economy (The Week) or the 1980s … wet, lather, rinse, repeat

    Why Online Games Turn Players Into Psychopaths (Wired)

    This Is Your Brain on Apps (Newsweek)

  8. VennData says:

    Father blames government ‘idiots’ as California town mourns killings

    “…With a California town grieving the deaths of six college students killed by a mentally ill man, one victim’s father on Monday blamed the killings on politicians who failed to tighten gun laws after a mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut…”


    Hey GOP voter! Voting has consequences.

    • VennData says:

      Hey Ted Nugent, make fun of these people, will yay? Call them names. Rock on! Get the base riled up.

      This won’t be the last shooting, my friends.