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5 Responses to “Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Disability Insurance Programs and Retirement”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    On pages 16 – 17, the author appears stymied by the higher DI rate for non college educated 55+ male age group.

    It’s no mystery, compare an engineer to a tradesman.

    The tradesman is exposed to decades of lead, VOC’s, petroleum derivatives, silicate dust, phosphorus… his lungs, nervous system, joints, tendons and ligaments are subject to substantially greater wear and tear.

    This exemplifies a greater problem with policy-makers, most don’t understand or recognize some of the basic facts about the majority of their constituents because they’re insulated from them.

    To a PHD in economics, the above statistics might represent the notion that male blue collar workers over age 55 are sponges, loafers, free riders compared to their educated counter-parts.

    To the 60 year old plumber, builder or electrician who’s back, knee’s and joints are so degraded he can barely get out of bed some days, that PHD is criminally stupid.

  2. willid3 says:

    is it just me or did they end up comparing apples to oranges in some countries?

  3. intlacct says:

    Who financed the study?
    Given the evidence of disparate class-related longevity outcomes (lower end folks die several years earlier), this should dispel perceptions inequality…

  4. The Other Katherine Harris says:

    These supposedly erudite recipes for getting ever more work out of the masses are ravings, in the absence of JOBS. Their lunacy’s particularly extreme, when it comes to the older, experienced people whom companies want to boot out at 50 and replace with those who expect to work 24/7 for scraps.

    Every economist should have to spend at least one day each month in reality.