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2 Responses to “What Kinds of Jobs Have Been Created During the Recovery?”

  1. constantnormal says:

    … a useful tool for high school guidance counsellors, who can point to this and show freshmen that if they do not aim high, they are likely to begin lower down on the economic ladder … which has an increasing number of rungs missing from it the further down one is, so that if one cannot manage a superhuman jump past several empty rung-spaces, one is likely to be stuck at the bottom for life, along with an increasing pool of losers vying for a pool of pitiful jobs that have no upside potential …

    How nice that the researchers at the Fed think to ask questions like this, and how sad that nobody outside the Fed cares …

  2. RW says:

    Making sure you don’t fall to the bottom by getting more education is itself becoming a way to fall to the bottom.

    The Share of Borrowers with High Student Loan Balances is Rising

    It’s not just the total number of student loan borrowers that is going up. The average balance per borrower is going up as well. And, in particular, the fraction of borrowers with more than $10,000 in student debt is rising.

    NB: Aside from the fact that this is no way to foster economic mobility, or even support higher education if it comes to that, the pattern is frankly all too reminiscent of the monetization of class differences forming the subtext of the Sub-prime/Alt-A mortgage debacle; it is the signature of a nation continuing to cannibalize itself.