Pour a cup of coffee, butter that bagel, and cozy up with my Sunday morning reads:

• For Stocks, Good News Beyond GDP (Barron’ssee also Broad Market Gains Power Historic Rally (WSJ)
• From Alpha to Beta: A Long/Short Story (Pension Partners)
Housel: Unfortunate Realities You Should Get Used To (Fool)
• Time to Officially Stick a Fork in That 1929 Chart (Moneybeat)
Stiglitz: Inequality Is Not Inevitable  (NYT) see also Does Inherited Wealth Really Help the Economy?  A reply to Greg Mankiw. (Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog)
• Germany’s New Coal Plants Push Power Glut to 4-Year High (Bloomberg)
• Toyota’s answer to Tesla is this $70,000 fuel-cell car (The Verge)
• Boehner’s attack on Obama’s executive orders ignores presidential history (WonkBlog) see also Why John Boehner is really suing Barack Obama (The Fix)
• Everything on the internet is blue (BoingBoing)
• Lessons From the World Cup (Bloomberg View)

What are you reading?


Has the developed world stopped waging trade wars?

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8 Responses to “10 Sunday Reads”

  1. speed racer says:

    What am I reading?

    Well, it certainly isn’t about the World Cup. Sorry, I just don’t get it. I’m too old.

    Best to all on this fine summer morning.

  2. ch says:

    The 1929 chart is dead right if we make it apples to apples…ie Dow jones in gold dollars then, Dow jones in gold now.

    Alternatively, dig out the French or German index charts for what happens when fiat currency regimes go boom. Stocks don’t go down

  3. hue says:

    9-Volt Nirvana (Radiolab) Learn a new language faster than ever! Leave doubt in the dust! Be a better sniper! Could you do all that and more with just a zap to the noggin?

    On N.C.’s Outer Banks, scary climate-change predictions prompt a change of forecast (WaPo)

    Understanding The Situation In Iraq (The Onion)

  4. willid3 says:

    one of the reasons for that Texas jobs ‘miracle’
    because of a broken protection system for workers? see if business can cut the cost of safety because of injuries on the job, they can hire more throw away workers


  5. intlacct says:

    re: inherited wealth: why do the right wingers say that everyone has to pull themselves up by their own jock strap except for their kids? Aren’t they harming their kids’ work ethic by doing so?

    • Stock Soup says:


      1) the idea of privilege is a stereotype that is mostly false
      2) a number of academic studies on wealth over the last twenty years have shown that most kids of wealth work harder and longer their the middle class. that is a behavior handed down to them by their parents, and so on (that’s how the got wealthy in the first place)