G’morn, here are some reads to begin Tuesday:  (continues here)

• Unstoppable $100 Trillion Bond Market Renders Models Useless (Bloomberg)
• Dow Is Up 68 Points in Six Months. You Call That a Bubble? (The Street)
• Economists: An astonishing record – of complete failure (FT) see also Who knew economists could be such big players? (Washington Post)
• The Intelligent Investor: Giving Yourself an Investing Makeover (WSJ)

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  1. “It’s all Washington, all Washington” shouted the announcer . . . Washington won the men’s national rowing title this past Sunday at the Intercollegiate Rowing Association regatta at Mercer Lake in New Jersey . . . the fourth consecutive title, the sixth since 2007. It also won the Ten Eyck Trophy, awarded to the all-points champion at the regatta, for the ninth year in a row. Since 2000 rowing dominance for men has shifted to the West coast: Washington has 6 national titles, Cal 5, Harvard 3 and Wisconsin 1. See http://d3cast.com/rowing/ @ 5:12 for the race. For title stats going all the way back to a time when Cornell was king (last title – 1982) see: goo.gl/jOzbPi.

  2. RW says:

    NPR Hypes the Job Loss Story on Restricting Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    It would be helpful if these stories gave some idea of the numbers involved. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are just under 80,000 employed by the coal mining industry. This is less than 0.06 percent of total employment. If the economy generates jobs at the rate of 200,000 a month (roughly its pace over the last year), the total number of jobs in the coal industry are equal to the number that would be generated in 12 days.

    …None of this should take away from the fact that coal miners and these communities will take a real hit from addressing a problem that is not their fault. They deserve real compensation since they will be asked to pay a much larger price for slowing global warming than the rest of the country. However concerns for these workers and their communities cannot explain the media coverage we have seen on the issue to date.

    NB: This kind of sloppy and biased coverage would be expected from corporate media generally but it shouldn’t go unnoticed that so-called public media are increasingly in the corporate camp as well these days and not just because they’re dependent on private funding for survival; e.g., Meet NPR’s CEO, financial lobbyist and Hoover Institute Overseer, Paul Haaga.

    Larger message is there is no media source you can trust for news: Do your homework.

    • willid3 says:

      not really sure why they will loose their jobs. after all, there are others who will buy coal. maybe those who run the coal plants will. but even that isnt a sure thing as they must transition to running a natural gas plant.

  3. rd says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, BOA Merrill Lynch is now developing an investing strategy based on Piketty’s concepts in his recent book. I eagerly await the ETF.


  4. rd says:

    Obama won’t eliminate the carried interest on hedge funds fees because it is an essential part of his economic recovery plan by fostering spending like this to keep the little people employed:


    Besides, if he strips them of their money now, who will pony up $200k to $500k per speaking engagement starting 2017?

  5. willid3 says:

    from Forbes??? fictionalization has run amuck, and is destroying every thing that will keep companies alive. and its not really short term-ism.

    its private promises that end up enriching executives
    and hurting the business in the process.
    and that actually does violate the one thing that executives truly are legally bound to not do.


  6. VennData says:

    Support Chris McDaniel!


    Unilaterally stop government spending in Mississippi Chris McDaniel would NEVER let Obama bring back an traitorous MIA. Obama is releasing more killers from prisons!

    McDaniel will stop that sort of monkey business in its tracks!

    If he doesn’t win, vow to vote for Democrats until they bring the country to collapse that we Tea Partiers know is just around the corner. Imagine the joy of the liberals begging us to come in a run things. Vote Democrat and it will happy all the faster! Then the Tea Party will rule!

    We will turn America into a Mississippi dream land!

    Where is Obama hiding bin Laden? Where was he born? Tell his wife to fatten up with some fried foods!

  7. willid3 says:

    why do we support these companies that avoid US taxes, want us pay more for drugs? and even if they import them from the same plant in say Ireland, they claim that those else where aren’t as good???


  8. rd says:

    Apparently younger workers are starting to save more in 401ks. My guess is that they will have no illusions that their companies and government are going to look after them in retirement. I make sure that our kids know that we have been saving for retirement and so they will likely not have to worry about our finances unlike some of the surprises their friends are getting about their parents.


  9. supercorm says:

    Thought of the day …

    … The S&P is facing resistance at 1929.00 … isn’t premonitory, especially as wages/GDP is at the lowest since 1929 ?!

  10. rd says:

    Maybe the increasing size of homes is the reason why half of Americans can’t afford their home:


    Our beloved Lawrence Yun of the National Associations of Realtors believes the solution is to build more homes to bring the price down. Presumably these homes would also be larger.

    Blackstone is probably already lining up the financing to pick up the next round of foreclosed homes.

  11. ilsm says:

    Infrastructure spending is running less than half war spending while war spending is contractionary! Maybe there should be more money for road builders so they can out PAC Boeing. Lets not build highways the way Boeing builds missiles, Lockheed build fighters or they build aircraft carriers!


    Mc Daniel would cut off the DVA because those 8 million veterans might have been less than successful in war as they are in the capitalist paradise.

    Saying those 5 Taliban freed would threaten US security is the basest fearmongering.

    Mc Daniel is a typical chickenhawk!