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5 Responses to “Change in private manufacturing jobs, by county”

  1. vachon says:

    Florida will see the ousting of Rick Scott in November. Hopefully it’ll shake up the republican legislature enough that Charley Crist’s lack of political purity will get them interested in their constituents again.

  2. Christopher says:

    California dreamin’….of when they had a manufacturing job base….

  3. kaleberg says:

    That is a hard to read chart. The legend shows two shades of green, but the chart contains at least three, possibly more. Does the designer of the chart actually expect people to recognize the intermediate tones and interpolate them to recognize small increases, small decreases and no change? In what color space are we expected to interpolate? It would have made a lot more sense to choose two colors, one for an increase and one for a decrease and use a neutral gray for no change. This chart is uninformative.

  4. rj chicago says:

    Kinda redefines the common perception of the bubble economy!!!

  5. ArtfulDodger2 says:

    It would be interesting to overlay the major US rail roads or US Interstate Highway Map on this chart. You might be able to see the a pattern by industry sector or demographic trend. Also surprised that North Dakota doesn’t show up better, unless it’s not statistically significant.