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Source: Bank America Merrill Lynch



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3 Responses to “Fed: Not Very Good at Forward Guidance”

  1. b_thunder says:

    “Not very good” would be if FOMC’s “guesstimates” were sometimes too high and sometimes too low.

    This graph demonstrates that they ALWAYS overestimate growth, which means they’re not objectively analyzing the data but CHEATING, LYING, and JAWBONING.

    But who am I to criticize them? Whoever relied on the FOMC’s “forecasts” since 2009 so far has made a ton of $$$, the hope of jump-starting “the virtuous cycle” is still alive. But looking at Japan, it hasn’t happened there yet. So while some keep hoping, I am preparing for the day when Fed will declare something and, as the saying goes, nobody will show up….

  2. Stock Soup says:

    “Fed: Not Very Good at Forward Guidance”

    meaningless. Fed guidance has always been data dependent. guidance is about Fed transparency, not predictions.

  3. ch says:

    Fed is political institution. Their over optimism shouldn’t surprise anyone