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2 Responses to “Hire for Potential, Not Just Experience”

  1. farmera1 says:

    I have hired lots of people over the years and in my past life. I always tried to hire people that I thought could do a good job at least one level higher than the job we were filling. For example when hiring a lower level supervisor I tried to identify people that would be successful in the next higher Manager’s job. Worked out well over the years and a lot of people got promotions from the people I hired. Another thing on the wish list when hiring was someone with a different background from myself.

  2. rj chicago says:

    But ya gotta get your resume through the hackneyed computer scanning matrix first – how can you hire for potential when these poor bast**ds can’t even get in the front door. Maybe it is time to start face to face conversations from the ground up again and get rid of ‘big brother’ computer filtering crap software!!